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November 27th, 2007

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On my last blog I gave a sneak peak into the shoot with Mike S. As promised here is the rest of the set. Check back for the next post featuring the rest of James Ellis shoot 2.

This month I was featured in Barcelona's HORIZON magazine. Be sure to check out the interview! Below I posted a sample of what's in the November issue, but you'll have to check it out to see it all.
Horizon is also acting as a producer in a contest hosted by 'Expressmen'. Comments on the features act as votes, so please go and show me some support and show some love to my feature HERE.

Ryan Holbert says:
Tuesday, November 27th at 6:22PM

Amazing work as usual! Kudos

Steven Thibault says:
Tuesday, November 27th at 6:42PM

Once again amazing! Love your work!

Uruki says:
Wednesday, November 28th at 3:41PM

wow... really cute and good pictures, so vivid

josh mathews. says:
Sunday, December 2nd at 7:40AM

utterly rubbish. get me some real stuff u pimp.

Armel says:
Monday, December 10th at 4:29PM

Wow! I found out about your work on a blog and found it amazing. Although people tell me I'm good looking, I really wish someone would make me look as good as the guys on your photos! The colours are fantastic , and the texture is so perfect! Congratulat

steveslack7 says:
Wednesday, December 12th at 9:24AM

hot stuff! adam great shots

Y says:
Wednesday, December 12th at 8:41PM

Another amazing job! Thank you for the great pics. :D

ashkan says:
Monday, December 17th at 1:41PM

kiram too kose nanat !!

Jolie says:
Saturday, December 29th at 2:13AM

What's the guy's name?

Gee says:
Friday, January 4th at 6:01PM

Hey! as usual your work is incredible!!!

aaron says:
Saturday, January 19th at 3:47AM

u look very COOL

claudehadrien says:
Wednesday, March 5th at 11:22AM

un travail exceptionnel ! et ce mâle exprime une virilité !!!

mitchel says:
Tuesday, November 25th at 9:59PM

damn you ar sexy

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jomark says:
Monday, July 4th at 3:58PM

ke bien me parece que estas muy bien y a demas te pareces a mi, un abrazo y muchos exitos

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Tuesday, September 13th at 5:31AM

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Susy says:
Thursday, October 13th at 6:37PM

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