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March 18th, 2008

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Representing the midwest this week is Kyle H from Kansas City, Missouri.

Models: Kyle H

Your Mother says:
Tuesday, March 18th at 2:19PM

Oooooh... I'm sweating. Great photos as usual and Mr. Kyle.... *breathing into paper bag*

kyle says:
Tuesday, March 18th at 3:02PM

you should add the pic from the side of the brick building man. That is my favorite one I have seen so far. Thanks bro I had a blast

Matt says:
Tuesday, March 18th at 3:08PM

WOW.. these pics are excellent. That kid is gorgeous and I better see some more of him!

Kyle's mom says:
Tuesday, March 18th at 3:15PM

I am very impressed! I knew my son was hot, but I am definitely a proud Mom now :) Thanks for the opportunity to let him shine. I know he will be my star!

Fan of Blake says:
Tuesday, March 18th at 3:21PM

Blake looks fucking hot in these photos!

Wayne says:
Tuesday, March 18th at 3:22PM

OMG I am like hot now, thanks! lol Amazing and super sexy pictures, Kyle..LOVE them all!

Derek says:
Tuesday, March 18th at 3:48PM

Kyle you look simply stunning throughout... The photograph of you in the white t-shirt with the tree on it truely captures your energy and intensity. That one's got to make you smile!

JoeyfromVA says:
Tuesday, March 18th at 8:01PM

WOW! Kyle you're amazing! LOL I died and went to "hottie heaven"!Plus you had a fabulous photographer;)

Bobbie Burlesque says:
Wednesday, March 19th at 12:28AM

Great work and use of lines. Amazing eye!

murphy k says:
Wednesday, March 19th at 2:56AM

Lookin good

Ryan says:
Wednesday, March 19th at 3:42AM

Mid-west represent!! i guess everybody around missouri says bro lol

celtboy says:
Wednesday, March 19th at 6:15AM

Innovative location and a gorgeous model, as always.

niick says:
Wednesday, March 19th at 6:33AM

yes so beautiful photos, i loves (L) :D

mike shahrokhi says:
Wednesday, March 19th at 8:29AM

dang, i got a woodie, looking at your sons pics, ma

Kimmy says:
Wednesday, March 19th at 9:09AM

I think the shot of his legs make the picture look gross. I love the photos taken though great work done by the bouska.net. I think this model is trying to hard and needs to relax in his photos.

Allan says:
Wednesday, March 19th at 9:12AM

Oh my god hes georgeous! i wish us english could produce such beauties!

Brad says:
Wednesday, March 19th at 4:35PM

I would have to agree with Kimmy. The picture of the underwear and shoes wasn't done well at all. It's not a good pose and only half the picture is enhanced! Great looking guy for sure, but he needs to have fun and relax. There are no pictures of him smil

Brad says:
Wednesday, March 19th at 4:36PM

There are no pictures of him smiling!

Kyle says:
Wednesday, March 19th at 4:59PM

Adam took over 300 pictures the day of the shoot. This is only several of the ones he decided to work with. I dont take modeling serious at all, ask adam.. We had a blast doing this and were laughing almost the entire time. I bet he has some pics of me sm

Steve says:
Wednesday, March 19th at 5:19PM

Looking real nice Kyle. You are representing those of us in the "show me" state very well.

Krystof says:
Wednesday, March 19th at 10:17PM

absolutly ..;can't find any word to discribe your work ! so just one : MERCI !

Barry says:
Thursday, March 20th at 12:28PM

I think you guys took some great shots and had some great ideas. I would love to see more of you Kyle!

szanika says:
Friday, March 21st at 3:33AM

the boy is very cool. Király

braimicheal says:
Saturday, March 22nd at 6:10AM

Beautiful photos.

Robert says:
Saturday, April 5th at 2:05PM

Keep the ones that are great/good, toss the ones that aren't. Problem solved. OK, I think the pics with the stairs are very clever, but the fourth pic (side view) he looks a little orphaned/lost. Others noted the one with the shoes doesn't fly. But so

manu says:
Sunday, April 6th at 8:40PM

diooooooooooooos q hombres :| . .

Tom Welling says:
Wednesday, April 16th at 10:42PM

Es un excelente fotógrafo pero se ve que odia los vellos en el cuerpo porque a todos sus modelos los pasa por el rastrillo, tan maravilloso es ver un torso natural con sus pelitos naturales es lo que no me gusta

gulluu says:
Sunday, August 24th at 9:03AM

lovly good boy

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sebastian says:
Friday, November 26th at 4:23AM

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