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March 20th, 2008

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Featured this month in my calendar, EXPOSED, is Christian Yanik. The calendar is still on sale and can be purchased at Amazon.com

It's also Christian's birthday this month so please give him a shout out : )

The 2009 calendar featuring the crew of Fiesta Cantina is projected to be released in May. Proceeds will be donated to the APLA (AIDS Project Los Angeles), more info on the project and behind the scenes shots will come closer to the release.

Models: Christian Yanik

Wayne says:
Thursday, March 20th at 10:06PM

Super Hot photo! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Christian! Hope it's awesome!

Thursday, March 20th at 11:00PM

oh he's so handsome, yeah, i love you adam bouska, you are the best Photographer

Tristen says:
Friday, March 21st at 8:21AM

OH MY GOD.... Who's this guy?! Happy Birthday Christian! Hope you had a fun time! Looking forward to see more of this guy! WOW

Jason Blain says:
Friday, March 21st at 11:54AM

This is my favorite model you've shot. Look in those eyes!

Jenny M says:
Friday, March 21st at 5:07PM

Theres my baby doll! People you need to see this guy dance hehe Oh btw, I need to do some laundry on his abbs ;)

Brad says:
Friday, April 4th at 8:38AM

Christian is just Beautiful... and it's hard to describe him otherwise... from hair to eyes to body... a honest pleasure to view!

steve slack says:
Monday, July 6th at 12:52AM


steve slack says:
Monday, September 14th at 6:22AM

sexy sexy guy

Holly says:
Thursday, November 26th at 6:36AM

this is nice :)

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