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April 23rd, 2008

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Selected photos from my shoot with Reggie P.

Models: Reggie P

Bouska.net Fan says:
Tuesday, April 22nd at 10:52PM

Wow I love the one where he's sitting on the rock with all the plants in the background.. it's great! Kudos!

lollshoulder says:
Wednesday, April 23rd at 4:20AM

very very hot, feel beautiful.

Masky says:
Wednesday, April 23rd at 4:57AM

He is not going far... he's already way ahead!!! Excellent shooting. What a great skin colour!

mark says:
Wednesday, April 23rd at 9:13PM

I've been following your work for some time. I enjoy watching you progress you've come so far!!!

brainmicheal says:
Wednesday, April 23rd at 9:42PM

He looks young.And he has beautiful skin colour!

ad says:
Thursday, April 24th at 6:25AM

great photography, shame about the model.

perinrpo says:
Monday, April 28th at 11:19AM

perinpro blogspot

Chris says:
Wednesday, April 30th at 1:56AM

GREAT photos! And love the model! Really like the coloring of the photo on the rock and also the 1st one is great!

silver says:
Wednesday, July 2nd at 7:56PM

look like ida

JoJo says:
Tuesday, July 24th at 7:57AM

Finally an Indian Guy!!!! U should also do a Trinidadian Indian!!

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