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June 18th, 2008

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It was pretty obvious from the initial voting which months were the fan favorites.. After a few weeks of voting, and nearly 10,000 votes, the winner, with 2892 votes is MAY! Click on to see how your choice fared in the final result list.

If you haven't picked up a calendar yet, you can order one via the link on the right-hand side of the website. Thanks for all of your continued support and making this a big success!!

2009 Calendar Voting Results

2892 (35.09%)
1276 (15.48%)
855 (10.37%)
627 (7.61%)
427 (5.19%)
415 (5.03%)
378 (4.58%)
246 (2.99%)
234 (2.84%)
190 (2.31%)
162 (1.97%)
144 (1.74%)
140 (1.70%)
131 (1.59%)
75 (0.91%)
50 (0.61%)

Sweet! says:
Wednesday, June 18th at 7:25AM

I voted for May, it was my favourite!

Wayne says:
Wednesday, June 18th at 5:02PM

YESSSSS! I voted for May..woohoo! Hope to be able to get the calendar soon!

rici says:
Thursday, June 19th at 7:28AM

I can't be sure which ones I voted for now - I liked them all sooo much - you are astonishing

Timpest says:
Wednesday, June 25th at 11:57PM

Wow! You are amazing I love every shot and have looked at them all. I would love to be in shots like these before I am to old and can't hang so much with todays youth anyway good job loved everything.

yusuque says:
Wednesday, July 30th at 5:40AM

I like tequila sunrise and two models of handsome boys. Fine arts, fine products.

Mario says:
Sunday, September 16th at 4:31PM

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Patch says:
Thursday, October 13th at 8:38PM

Super inamroftive writing; keep it up.

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