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July 16th, 2008

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Last week I had the pleasure of working with Tristan. We wanted to switch up the setting so we decided to go exploring downtown. :) Let me know what you think : )

This past week alone I've also been working on and finished an array of projects that you can plan on seeing in upcoming blogs; Blake Leeser solo photoshoot (aka MAY in 2009 calendar), Bobby Trendy's new designer candle line, Andrew Kaiser's fashion shoot, David Michael Stevens photoshoot, and much more.

Models: Tristan

Belg says:
Thursday, July 17th at 6:15AM

I'm not liking the model's pose. I can tell he loves his right profile. I like the last photo cause he looks dreamy there and I like the postprocessing you did there.

peter says:
Saturday, July 19th at 1:43PM

I like your work alot.....the pose in the first photo is kinda awkward, but overall i will give all the photos a 5 out of 5. Great job adam!!!!!

Steve says:
Thursday, July 24th at 7:52PM

Perhaps my favourite of all your models (although how does one compare beauty with beauty?!) I think it is the so called awkwardness of the first pose which nails the shot.

yusuque says:
Wednesday, July 30th at 5:28AM

I like a model of Tristan, cute $ fresh to whom an excellent cameraman made a choice of to take photos. I admire the cameraman. Thanks.

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Friday, June 21st at 4:26AM

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