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October 22nd, 2008

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Between the photoshooting, home life, and posting blogs, I don't always have time to share the whole story behind each blog set. Every shoot is entirely a unique experience bringing all sorts of personalities from all over the world. In some cases I don't always have time to post every shoot, so today I chose out of a few shots from a variety of sets that I have been working on. Enjoy! Let me know what you think....

First is Brant. I met him through my first photographer, Chris H., who recently moved here from Chicago to pursue the film industry.

Models: Shaun G, Chris Johnstone, Balthazar G

Morrisson was referred to me by a mutual friend (our celebrity make-up artist for the shoot) Shaun G. You might have seen Shaun's work before on Janice Dickinson.

The next model, Chris Johnstone, was one of the first people I had photographed a few years ago. He was in Cali visiting family and we had the chance to catch up and take some updated photos.

The final set features Balthazar G. and his sister. The final set of our shoot (and final photo of this set) they wanted a photo to feature their matching tattoos that they had both gotten in memory of their recently passed mother.

Wayne says:
Wednesday, October 22nd at 6:23PM

AWESOME!!!!! LOOOOVE the 2nd photo..ya know the green one.

Chas says:
Wednesday, October 22nd at 8:43PM

Is taht pustard i sea?

Bouska says:
Thursday, October 23rd at 8:52AM

You're such a Bouska!

allanh1 says:
Friday, October 24th at 1:19PM

Fab photos Bouska, Jealous i dont live in the states with all these gerogeous boys! I must think about moving.....

Art Michael Leonido Auclair says:
Monday, November 3rd at 9:35PM

guy from 1st pic look like someone who i knows... Good pic! Art Michael Leonido Auclair ©

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