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December 4th, 2008

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Meet Adam....fun right? I had the pleasure of working with Adam on two shoots and here are the results :) Enjoy!

P.S. It's just been announced that the Weho Awards will be taking place on January 15th, early next year! :) There are 34 categories, each one honoring various orginaztions, businesses, events and individuals for their commitment to excellence. The nomination period begins Thursday, December 4th (tomorrow) until Thursday, December 11th. To make a nomination please visit: http://www.wehoawards.org/nominate.php

My nomination for Outsanding Business will be for Fiesta Cantina and Jeff Parshley for Outstanding Business Manager. Both Fiesta and Jeff have been greatly supportive of me as I will continually be for them. Go team go! More nomination suggestions coming.. ;)

Alex says:
Thursday, December 4th at 2:18AM

Nice photos. When Adam gets a bit older, he's gonna be a real turn-on.

Wayne says:
Thursday, December 4th at 9:47AM

WOW! Hot work as always, Adam! =)

jon says:
Thursday, December 4th at 3:12PM

He's already a real turn-on!!!

nikish says:
Friday, December 5th at 12:42PM

I like you...very much karthikkk_1978@yahoo.com

vikros says:
Sunday, December 7th at 7:49PM

no nice pics. contact me at rotciv910@hotmail.com

Check It says:
Tuesday, April 14th at 1:34AM

He gives a lot of blank facial expressions. but he cute

steve slack says:
Wednesday, July 1st at 11:23PM

a hunk

Patrycja says:
Saturday, September 15th at 11:40PM

Real brain power on dsipaly. Thanks for that answer!

mia pron khalifa says:
Thursday, December 20th at 11:32AM

Zo9x1L of these comments look like they are written by brain dead folks?

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