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December 14th, 2008

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Last month, Proposition 8 was passed and eliminated the rights that allowed same-sex couples to marry, stripping many of basic civil rights. Protesters marched, appeals were filed, and I took photos. : ) Jeff came to me wanting to make a statement in regards to everything going on. The word spread and soon we had built up a gallery of photos.

In hopes to reach a larger audience, we plan to get more campaigners in the studio for more 'No on H8' shoots. The more people we can get involved, the more effective it becomes.

On my website I will create a gallery dedicated to our collection of No On H8 photos, check back and see who stops in... :)

We will not give up. And we are not done.

Special Thanks to Jeff Parshley for being a great partner and inspiring the project, Justin, Tyler McSpadden, Martina Andrews, Ryan Crooks, Billy Dortch, Brittany McSpadden & Blake Leeser

Sascha says:
Sunday, December 14th at 6:57AM

Wow I love the pictures 'No H8' is a very good campaign

Rex says:
Sunday, December 14th at 12:14PM

love the campaign! all the shots look great, but yours looks exceptionally hot!

Wayne says:
Sunday, December 14th at 3:12PM

Very awesome compaign ad you got going there Adam! LOVE the photos!

Christian says:
Monday, December 15th at 2:25PM

Awesome message! Lovin the campaign and the photos are all GREAT!!!! Pure awesomeness :-)

Dave says:
Monday, December 15th at 3:24PM

Just awesome! Good job! This is a nice campaign, a worthwile cause = )

Bill says:
Monday, December 15th at 4:20PM

I love this idea Adam. The best pics are the very cute young man in the center square, the young man to the left of Adam and the young man below him. I look forward to seeing who else stops into your studio. You should get Shane McD to stop in.

fred says:
Tuesday, December 16th at 11:21AM

i love this idea i love the capture of the theme and im thinking of doing this too so i can print it out and plaster it round melbourne to direct it to u =] if u allow

celtboy says:
Tuesday, December 16th at 12:59PM

Very impactful!

Dalton says:
Tuesday, December 16th at 8:28PM

Great cause

Zack Freeno says:
Wednesday, December 17th at 12:52PM

i love this campaign idea. how can we get involved?

Jesús says:
Wednesday, December 17th at 9:23PM

I love your work!!! this photos is greatest!!! regards from México!!

Babs says:
Sunday, December 21st at 9:28AM

I love it!! I'm going to spread the word and get this out!! GReat job

Kristie says:
Monday, December 22nd at 5:37PM

I love this, what a great idea!

Nsaia says:
Tuesday, December 23rd at 1:22AM

Awesome campaign and even more amazing shots!!!

Emor Hwang says:
Wednesday, December 24th at 1:42PM

Fucking H8

Ebru says:
Thursday, January 8th at 10:10AM

hi allan..the campaign is excellent...congratulations to you and those who inspired you.. the shots are excellent too...I wish I were among the photos... :)

Penis Enlargement says:
Tuesday, January 20th at 11:53PM

I think you are thinking like sukrat, but I think you should cover the other side of the topic in the post too...

jordan hill says:
Sunday, February 8th at 12:54AM

YES! I'm soo happy 4 this<3

Union Tom says:
Friday, May 29th at 11:35AM

I would love to get a NOH8 pic taken!

amber jacobs says:
Thursday, June 4th at 9:44PM

i would love to be apart of this campaign. how can i get involved

boston says:
Tuesday, June 9th at 1:18PM

wow, really? i hope no one paid you for this and that you get no work related to this. This is the most unimaginative thing ever. Silly faggot, dicks are for chicks.

MarketingLA says:
Monday, July 6th at 11:51PM

Aside from the fact this is very unimaginative, it is also inadvertently hateful. Where are the other races? Other body sizes? if you're going to promote a no h8 campaign, you should think about fairly representing everyone else as well.

mike sobe says:
Sunday, August 30th at 5:44PM

i love your photos on no H8..keep up the good work..do u have a twitter

Leah James says:
Tuesday, September 1st at 10:23AM


Chris says:
Sunday, September 13th at 9:53PM

Hey ~ When and where is the next photo shoot for the No H8?

Mhike says:
Tuesday, October 20th at 11:48AM

Where can I get a photo done (soon to be in Florida)? Do you do couples?

Brian David Kerr says:
Wednesday, October 21st at 8:36PM

I am in Dallas and feel it to be an honor for you to photograph me so that I can join in on the NO H8 campaign. How can we make this happen?

Sweetangel says:
Monday, November 16th at 4:20PM

Hello i love your artwork and would love to support the cause as well i living here in los angeles, hope to hear from you. Thank you so much for supporting such a good cause. you rock.

Phyllis Lozano says:
Saturday, December 5th at 10:32AM

Hello. I am with The Courage Campaign and would like to know "How can I get our DEPUTY FIELD ORGANIZERS to be apart of this photo campaign"? There are about 30 Deputy Field Organizers across California. You can contact me via email (above)

Marco says:
Thursday, January 7th at 2:45PM

Hey I love that artist and young people is is taking action!!!, I love your idea!! There is no better way to expres than art!!!. I would like to join this !! let me know. I'm in the San Diego, CA. area!!!

Weston says:
Thursday, February 4th at 9:18PM

I would love to have a NO H8 done if posible how can I do this I think this is awesome and I want to be apart of it

Nikia says:
Friday, February 5th at 1:57PM

What a great idea and i love the photos. Let me know how I can get involved.

Morris Richards says:
Friday, February 26th at 12:06PM

Where can you sign up to do or participate in a NOH8 campaign?

josepht says:
Thursday, March 4th at 7:57PM

I would love to be apart of this how could I. Please let me know. Thanks

Wednesday, March 17th at 6:59PM

Adam please come to Orlando FLorida I really would love to attend a photo shoot with my husband and my three girls!! xoxo Respectfully Sent!

Kelsey says:
Sunday, April 11th at 6:39PM

This is sooo amazing! I love your work and would love to be a part of it! Let me know how i can get involved in NOH8! <3

Joshua says:
Saturday, May 15th at 11:06AM

This is incredible Adam, I really love the presentation of this NOH8 campain!

Nina says:
Thursday, July 8th at 10:17AM

would love to participate in the No H8 photoshoot!

Russell Hladky says:
Saturday, July 17th at 12:32PM

I LOVE this campaign. Are there any plans to come to Orlando, Fl? It would be amazing to participate in this!!!

Lynn Alexander says:
Monday, August 9th at 9:22PM

Awesome! My nephew just had one of these done too! I look forward to seeing it on your site!

Ashley says:
Wednesday, October 6th at 11:44AM

Adam, I am in Edmonton, Alberta and my friend and I want to help support your "No H8" campaign. We are thinking of taking our own photos to submit to your site unless you are in the area. Let's talk.

Monte Jenkins says:
Tuesday, October 12th at 11:40AM

Adam: Last night I got off work early and raced down to have you take my photo for the NoH8 Campaign. I was so blown away that even with over 1600 people showing up in Chicago (at least that's what I heard), you still took the time to take several photos

Nick says:
Tuesday, October 19th at 1:56PM

Not only is this unimaginative, but it is a direct ripoff of Bound4Life. They've been doing social justice work for 6 years using duct tape and holding silent protests. Bouska and his pals are plagiarists. I also noticed how every comment on the other

PreciousMORIARTY says:
Tuesday, November 9th at 11:52PM

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Mercer says:
Thursday, February 10th at 5:31PM

Are there any Asian, Black, Latino, SE Asian or Middle Eastern men or others that don't have a "specific look" worthy of standing up for a "No Hate" campaign? Actually, the monotonous featured photos are somewhat contradictory to the c

Larry says:
Friday, February 25th at 8:55PM

Please send me info on how I can participate!

phiall says:
Monday, March 7th at 8:22AM

<3 it!

phiall says:
Monday, March 7th at 8:22AM


kay oldham says:
Wednesday, March 9th at 3:51AM

This is amazing i am following 'NO H8' you on twitter. Id love to be more involved. sending love from cheshire, uk

xfather123 says:
Friday, May 27th at 7:37AM

KUOWwu this is delisious! xfather123

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Monica says:
Friday, June 24th at 6:02PM

How does one sign up to be a subject?

Art says:
Sunday, July 3rd at 12:40AM

Is there a way to sign up still? *fingers crossed*

Wilver says:
Saturday, August 13th at 11:57AM

What type of font do you use. I love it! And the pictures are a work of art. Love the campaign

Martha Mejia says:
Monday, August 22nd at 9:36AM

when will you do the next phase of NO H8 and where. Would love to participate.

Ryan Leszcz says:
Thursday, August 25th at 8:37PM

I would love to be photographed for the campaign. I will be staying at the Ritz-Carlton during Southern Decadence...please get in touch.

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Sunday, October 16th at 10:15PM

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uninnavistolo says:
Tuesday, December 20th at 4:10AM

Are you serious?

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Tuesday, March 13th at 10:25PM

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Sunday, July 29th at 12:50PM

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CarolAnn says:
Thursday, August 30th at 11:42AM

any chance youll be in the Abilene Tx area??!! Id LOVE to get pics done myself!!!! <3 <3

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