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January 4th, 2009

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Meet Andrew Newton-Lee! Andy had been studying Law at Hull University for two years before getting
his first break in television when he first appeared in "Where The Heart Is". Since, Andrew hasn't looked back and has starred in numerous TV shows including; Heartbeat, Doctors, and Coronation Street. During 2004 Andrew appeared regularly in starring roles on teen soap, Hollyoaks, as aspiring 'Casanova' Robbie Flynn. (a party boy with an eye for the ladies!) For more info about Andrew Newton-Lee and his growing international career you can visit his
IMDB profile or you can google him :] Enjoy!

Wayne says:
Sunday, January 4th at 4:40PM

Nice pics..love the first one! His eyes are soooo peircing and hot!

Apollonia says:
Sunday, January 4th at 5:10PM

Ditto!!!! His eyes are just beautiful. Nice job.

花少 says:
Monday, January 5th at 2:58AM

Your eye always photographs the ultra stick

花少 says:
Monday, January 5th at 3:00AM

Your eye always photographs very much attractively

jay says:
Friday, February 6th at 7:34AM

so beautiful I am think I have a huge crush on this guy I need to get up from fainting

steve slack says:
Saturday, June 20th at 3:53PM

sexy eyes

christopher says:
Monday, September 20th at 2:05PM

szanowny panie, pana zdjęcia są niesamowicie dopracowane i chociaż sam wiele lat fotografuję, to jestem pod wielkim wrażeniem czystości formy i ujęć na pana zdjęciach, gdybym poleciał do usa, to zapewne u pana zamówiłbym sobie portret, aby mi

Rahmad says:
Sunday, September 16th at 8:03AM

Your atrcile perfectly shows what I needed to know, thanks!

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