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January 10th, 2009

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Recently my work was published in reFRESH magazine issues #53 and issue #54. In stores now! More details below. Check back later this week for more photos from recent projects =) Enjoy!

Issue #53 - Photo Project

This issue contains reFRESH magazine's annual photo project to showcase the work of emerging photographers. Last year our theme was The Twelve Days of Christmas (I submitted a shot of Joe Bryan for the 11 pipers piping!)- this year they made it a little more challenging by entering the realm of fairy tales. Participating photographers were given a fairy tale and asked for their interpretations - my submission was from my shoot with Liquid Dreams featuring the personalities of West Hollywood.

Issue #54 - First issue of the New Year!

This month reFRESH magazine had asked me to submit a model to feature as 'one to watch'. My choice was featured model/actor Chris Connell ! (They had originally asked me to submit my choice back in November, but due to a power cut before Christmas the issue was unavoidably delayed. )

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Saturday, January 10th at 9:57AM

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Saturday, January 10th at 12:05PM

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Tuesday, January 13th at 1:01PM

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Michelle Moore says:
Tuesday, January 13th at 4:44PM

I want to pe part of your next project. I really like you work, your projects are awesome!

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