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April 12th, 2009

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Meet Trevor & cousin Becky! :) We took the day to do some on location shooting at one of my favorite spots. It started off with a lot of hiking and ended up with a splash of ....color...enjoy! :)

jackson says:
Sunday, April 12th at 1:04AM

where do you find these great models?

gosh says:
Sunday, April 12th at 8:43AM


Zan says:
Sunday, April 12th at 7:22PM

seems stiff...i dont like it.

zan says:
Sunday, April 12th at 7:23PM

last photo i meant...rest of it is wonderful

Wayne says:
Sunday, April 12th at 7:25PM

Fab photos! LOVE IT! Trevor sure has one hott bod!

Courtney says:
Monday, April 13th at 6:42PM

Very amazing photos Very talented

Nanette Drenthe says:
Tuesday, June 2nd at 1:27AM

Lovely photos! Realy nice serie

Jared says:
Monday, December 7th at 1:44AM

who is that trevor?! he is gorgeous

Keiwan says:
Thursday, October 13th at 7:01PM

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me suba says:
Thursday, December 20th at 8:11AM

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