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April 23rd, 2009

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Celebrate Earth Day and find new ways to recycle!

Model: Marissa Bagnall
Dresses & Accessories created by: Jeff Parshley
Make-up by: Nolan Robert, (winner of Lifetime's: BLUSH)
Hair Styled by: Marty Christopher

Apollonia says:
Thursday, April 23rd at 1:08AM

Love the dresses. Nice work.

zzq says:
Thursday, April 23rd at 6:17AM


Wayne says:
Friday, April 24th at 3:05AM

Awesome work..very interesting!

Robert says:
Saturday, April 25th at 1:07AM

Loved the first pic, the second one needed more contrast/lighting...but very creative!

lizeth says:
Saturday, April 25th at 9:12PM

yeah its so cool i like more the first too the second needs more effects but its incredible congratulations for your work.

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Tuesday, May 5th at 1:54PM

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Nene :) says:
Monday, June 15th at 10:22AM

This picture is fabbbulous :)

Soheil says:
Monday, July 13th at 9:48AM

Good Stuff Marissa. You look great! Keep up the great work.

teeladen says:
Sunday, January 17th at 10:43AM


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Thursday, September 29th at 7:02PM

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Fajar says:
Sunday, September 16th at 2:30PM

Fianlly! This is just what I was looking for.

photo editor says:
Wednesday, April 6th at 4:18AM

zi3VFf There is noticeably a bunch to get on the subject of this. I deem you completed various fantastically good points in skin texture also.

Loren says:
Thursday, April 21st at 2:53PM

That's an inouinges way of thinking about it.

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