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August 3rd, 2009

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"You don't have to hear your voice to be able to use it."

Shoshannah Stern - a deaf actress most recognized for her roles on the cult hit series Jericho and Showtime's Weeds - took a moment to speak with us about her recent NO H8 photo shoot, which featured a group of her deaf peers standing up against hate. "Since my native language is a visual one, a photography campaign felt like the most natural thing for me to do."

Shoshannah also shared some insight with us as to why she's fighting for marriage equality and how it connects to deaf rights.

"Alexander Graham Bell, the dude who invented the telephone, was married to a deaf woman. He had a lot of ideas about what us deaf people should do or should not do. He actually tried to get a law passed banning deaf people from marrying other deaf people. If that had happened, I would not be here today. I've used that comparison to get a lot of people - deaf or not - to see why Proposition 8 is so wrong and flawed."

Tate Tullier, a photographer we met through Twitter, organized the group shoot - the very first made up of deaf individuals. They wanted to not only make their silence heard in the deaf community, but make their presence known in the hearing community as well.

Binding their hands with duct tape may silence their voices, but their hands are still intertwined in unity - reminding us that if we stick together, we can and will get through the injustices.

Jennifer Coleman says:
Wednesday, August 5th at 1:48PM

That guy at the bottom right, He has a beautiful eyes. Gorgeous!

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David says:
Tuesday, July 10th at 1:04AM

His heterochromia is probably the nicest I've ever seen

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Friday, September 20th at 1:30AM

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Thursday, October 13th at 7:06PM

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