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November 3rd, 2009

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Tomorrow, marriage equality faces obstacles in three states: Maine, Washington, and Michigan. Americans in those three states have the opportunity to take a historical stand for human rights and make sure that everyone in their state is equal under the law. Remember to get out and VOTE! Every single vote makes a difference.

When it comes to every person counting, nobody can put it quite like Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Deepak Chopra is known around the world for his teachings, having written over 55 books that have been translated into 35 different languages, including numerous New York Times bestsellers. Many of Dr. Chopra's books center around spirituality and the mind-body connection, and he frequently appears as a guest on various television shows ranging from CNN to Ellen.

Dr. Chopra invited us to the Chopra Center in San Diego last week so that he too could join the NOH8 Campaign and lend his face - as well as his powerful voice - to the cause. Dr. Chopra is a vocal advocate for gay marriage and was vehemently against Prop 8. He wrote about the hateful proposition and its relation to the "moral hazard" in an article he posted to his blog before elections last year. In the article, Dr. Chopra talks about what can happen when people vote without consequence. You can check out the incredibly thought-provoking article here: Gay Marriage and the Democratic Hazard.

"'Moral hazard' is a phrase more of us know in this era of reckless trading on Wall Street, and now we can apply it to politics. Traders who use other peoples money arent exposed to the risk of losing their own money; therefore, they act less responsibly than someone who is fully exposed to the consequences of a risky decision thats the moral hazard. In politics, irresponsible behavior happens when there is little or no consequence to be felt, the only difference being that you play with someone elses life, not merely their money."

Dr. Chopra goes on to say, "In a democracy, majority rule is based on respect for minority rights, the basic idea being that a bond of trust allows minorities to feel safe when they are outnumbered." And he's right! Gay and lesbian couples shouldn't have to live in fear that our rights are going to be taken away, and we shouldn't have to worry about having limitations put on our freedom. It's not right, and we can't continue to live that way. Nobody should.

Deepak Chopra isn't the first of his family to join the campaign. Deepak's son, Gotham Chopra came by the studio a few months ago with his beautiful family to take their stance for marriage equality.

Gotham was joined by his wife Candace and their son Krishan, who proudly posed with an "equality" bracelet.

Take a cue from the Chopra's and find a minute today to meditate about the hundreds of thousands of loving, committed couples in Maine, Washington, and Kalamazoo, Michigan - all of whom are having their relationships defined by the majority vote tomorrow. Send your positive vibes their way - it certainly can't hurt. To those fighting the fight for marriage equality in those states - our thoughts and support are with you!

For everyone voting tomorrow, remember YOUR moral hazard. What if the outcome of the votes defined YOUR life? What about the lives of those YOU care about? Keep those people in your mind - and your hearts - when you're casting your vote tomorrow. Your vote may not have a direct effect on you, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a very direct, profound, and life-changing effect on your neighbor.

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